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- Product Overview

An automatic source generation tool for building RA-MES

- Product Features & Merits

As the sources that compose RA-MES are automatically generated, it is easy to maintain the source quality, and through standardization and fast development speed, source management and O&M are easy with the low cost/high efficiency irrespective of the capability of the developer

- Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

- Product Function

· Table Designer: Defines the properties of tables and columns, and creates and modifies actual tables
· DB Designer: Automatically generates the DB Class Source of the table defined in Table Designer
· Message Designer: Defines the message set for communication between UI and RA-MES servers, and automatically generates the Message Class Source
· Rule Designer: Automatically generates the Rule Class Source for RA-MES Server
· Modeler Wizard: Consists of 8 steps in total, and at each step Modeler is automatically generated with the information selected or input
· Document Master: Automatically generates documents by defining the document forms required for system buildup

CEO : Hwang Young-ju
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