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RA-MES 3.0

- Product Overview

RA-MES™ is an OS-independent and general-purpose framework-based manufacturing execution system (MES).

RA-MES 3.0 * RA MES: Real Automation MES

- Product Features & Merits


1. Supports Cross Browser and Cross Platform as a web-standard product based on HTML5 and Java

2. Aims at the small and medium sized MES market
· Minimized initial H/W buildup cost (Windows series, Linux series)
· Minimized S/W cost
· Protocol conversion between RS232 and TCP/IP

3. Lighter system structure than conventional solutions
· Exclusion of unnecessary functions/services
· Reinforcement of functions/services for small and medium businesses
· Flexible WIP control using flexible rules

4. Improved Development Productivity
· One Resource Multi-Develop based on same IT technology
· Efficient development based on a development framework
· Improved development productivity with UI tool support

5. Improved Recyclability
· Rule (Service) Repository operation
· Project Output -> Product rule (service) structure
· Improved recycle rate of the output with an organic structure rather than a unified structure


· Recycling of existing resources and effective control of investment resources
· Securing economical efficiency at the time of system expansion or addition
· · Systematic support for efficient operation manpower
· Elimination of foreseeable or unforeseen obstacles
· Reliable operation through a proven system
· Quick response to failures
· Quick response to trends of technology and business development
· Base foundation for new technology integration
· Standard manufacturing and operation system buildup using the production control technologies and the operation standard
· Efficient linkage with existing systems such as ERP, etc.

- Solution Architecture Solution Architecture

- Technology & Specifications

· Spring 3.6.x, Spring DM, OSGI, jdk 1.7.x, Hibernate, RESTful
· Spring 3.6.x, HTML5, jdk 1.7.x, AngularJS 1.x, jQuery, mybatis
· Spring 3.6.x, HTML5, jdk 1.7.x, AngularJS 1.x, jQuery, RequireJS, mybatis
· Spring 3.6.x, HTML5, jdk 1.7.x, AngularJS 1.x, jQuery, RequireJS, mybatis

- Effects

1. Quality improvement through systematic production control
2. Real-time data collection and statistical process control through automation
3. Efficient utilization of indirect manpower through systematized production control and data aggregation
4. Facility performance monitoring through real-time information delivery
5. Identification of exact causes of problem losses and quick response
6. Consistent control of workers, managers, and top management by reinforcing the information visibility
7. Improved factory operation efficiency through information standardization in the factory (productivity Improvement)
- Reduced Cycle Time: 45%
- Reduced Work In Progress: 24%
- Reduced document work between shifts: 60%
- Reduced Lead Time: 27%
- Reduced Product Defect Rate: 18%

※ Reference :MESA (Manufacturing Execution System Association) MES White Paper

CEO : Hwang Young-ju
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