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- Existing Developement Enviroment

Existing UX development environments are difficult for users (developers) to handle,
with difficult specification requirements and complicated development systems.

RA-MES 3.0

- ATUM Designer Development Enviroment

Beginner use UX designer easily through simple program education anywhere internet can be operated user can
complete screen 70% faster than existing development environment through templates of frequently used function

RA-MES 3.0

- ATUM UX Designer composition

ATUM UX Designer consists of UX Platform based on web standard technology web applications are operated,
UX Component that be able to consist of various UX and integrated development tool that design and develop screen

RA-MES 3.0

- The composition of a ATUM UX Designer development tool

Most commonly used as a tool to develop any screen that the customer requests

RA-MES 3.0

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