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New Business

New Business-Big Data Solution

BECOME SOLUTION's Big Data Solution classifies, collects and stores vast amounts of data according to their type or characteristics, provides a framework for analysis, and provides a variety of visualization services in order to offer professional solutions applicable for quick and accurate decision makings or machine learning.

Big Data Solution

- Project/Product Overview

· Classification, collection and storage of vast amounts of data according to their type and characteristics, and provision of agents and framework for analysis
· Provision of optimal solutions with various visualization services that can be applied to quick and accurate decision making or machine learning

- Product Features & Merits

· Builds Big Data system through collection of typical/atypical data
· Develops and applies Web Crawler and Log Agent optimized for the characteristics of data
· Provides real-time streaming, data collection, and processing technologies
· Provides data refining technology using the data handler
· Data Processing Based on In-Memory
· Provides an analysis function based on various analysis tools and algorithms
· Provides a visualization function suitable for user's needs

- Technology & Specifications

· Custormized Web Crawler, Flume, Log Agent
· Hadoop ECOsystem
· Hive, R based Data Analysis Solution

CEO : Hwang Young-ju
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