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RECRUIT - Welfare

Become solution has a various of benefits for employees.
We wish to the many supports of the passionate.

1. Retirement Pension Registration

- Severance payments are calculated annually and transfered to the individual IRP account: DC Type (Defined Contribution Type) is operated

2. Insurance

- 4 Major Insurances: National Pension / Health Insurance / Unemployment Insurance / Worker's Compensation Insurance
- Group Insurance: All employees' group insurance in preparation for unexpected accidents

3. Total Screening Expenses

- Premium total screening expenses are paid for employees and their families at designated hospitals (biannual)

4. Events/Gifts

- Holidays / Birthday (Wedding Anniversary) / Parents' Day / Family Month / Athletic Day, etc.

5. Leave / Family Event Tribute

- Annual Leave / Sick Leave / Maternity or Paternity Leave / Official Leave / Family Event (Tribute), etc.

6. Overseas Travel(Happy Crew)

- The Happy Crew event is one of the employee welfare programs for a happier working life of employees
- This is an irregular group overseas travel program for employees
- All employees are given at least one opportunity for participation in 5 five years unless there are special reasons.

CEO : Hwang Young-ju
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