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Smart Factory

Smart Factory

- Overview


As the 4th industrial revolution accelerates, with new products and services created rapidly with destructive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Internet of Things (IoT) connected with one another, it is necessary to switch to the customized flexible production system through building smart factories in order to respond quickly to the rapidly changing demands.


Presenting policy directions to lead the 4th industrial revolution by building 30,000 smart factories by 2025
- MOCIE announced ‘Smart Manufacturing Innovation Vision 2025’
① Expand the target number of smart factory supply from 10,000 units in 2020 to 30,000 units by 2025
② Build 1,500 leading models of smart factory buildings by 2024
③ Provide concentrated support for research & development (R&D) (about 2.1 billion KRW by 2020)
④ Foster 40,000 convergent talents required for smart factory operation by 2025

BECOME Business Strategies and Directions

BECOME SOLUTION provides smart factory solutions optimized for medium and small sized manufacturing factories, applying the factory automation system buildup experience from various industrial sites and and latest IT technologies.
We are now trying to spread adoption of smart factories by providing the functions that are commonly used in various industrial areas to quickly build the system at a minimum cost and by providing O & M solutions that our customers can easily handle.

- Main Functions


The RA-MES functions are divided into Spec Time Function and Run Time Function.

1. Spec Time

· Resource Modeling
· Material Modeling
· Process Modeling
· Alarm Modeling
· Privilege Modeling
· Code Modeling

2. Run Time

· Lot Tracking
· Material Tracking
· Machine Tracking
· Recipe Management
· Process Quality Control
· Data Collection
· Real Time SPC
· Alarm Management
· Monitoring
· Report
· Etc

- Reference

· Mando Hella China/India Factory MES
· ITX Security MES
· Rayence MES
· Nepes Logistics Monitoring Automation
· KCC, Samsung Heavy Industries Wind Power, GS Nanotech, KAI, Cowell Electronics, etc.

- Solution Overview

· ISA-95
· CIM Framework
· JAVA, C#
· OSGi

- Solution Architecture

Smart Factory

CEO : Hwang Young-ju
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